Executive search: Finding extraordinary people for your organisation.
We provide a one-to-one executive partnership for businesses that need to find the best candidates for their leadership appointments. 

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one-to-one executive partnership
// For Businesses

We provide a one-to-one executive partnership for businesses that need to find the best candidates for their leadership appointments. 

With a wealth of experience across a range of sectors, and deep functional expertise in both Accountancy and Finance and Procurement and Supply Chain disciplines, we take a different approach to matching extraordinary people with extraordinary appointments.

We’re committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We know that a wide range of perspectives enrich your organisational culture and lead to greater productivity and innovation. So, we’re not here to take a tick-the-box approach to DEI. 

Instead, we deliver recruitment processes that are free from bias and designed to ensure we attract a diverse and highly-qualified pool of talent for your company.

We’re incredibly well connected
// Extensive Network

Competition for leadership talent is tough — extraordinary people know they’re in demand and they’re not afraid to hold out for equally extraordinary opportunities.

But, with our extensive network of connections, across Scotland, the UK, and overseas, you can be sure that if the right top-executive professional is out there (and they are!), we’ll find them for you.

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We’re ridiculously thorough

Our thorough approach to retained, targeted search ensures your candidates will be referenced from a pool of the most effective and desirable leaders in the market and mapped against key competencies so we can secure the best match possible.

We’ll provide vital market insights, build competency frameworks, and provide advice on leadership sector specific salary, as well as thought leadership and panel expert seminars.

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We don’t just want to secure an appointment that will work for you right now, we’re committed to finding you a role that aligns with your future career aspirations. 

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We’re playing the long game

We know that filling key senior positions is a costly, time-consuming, and stressful process. So we don’t want you to have to go through it more often than is strictly necessary.

That’s why we have such a thorough process: to ensure you make the right hire the first time round. And to ensure that you find the right long-term candidate, whose unique experience, talents, skill set, and ambition aligns with the role and with the future of your organisation. 

Ready to find your next extraordinary hire? You can register your appointment brief or find out more about our executive search services using the contact form below.

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