Your work: It’s more than just a job.
Which is why I founded JP Executive Search Ltd, to ensure I have the privilege of making even more of these extraordinary matches.

Your work: It’s more than just a job

It’s about facing challenges you’re not convinced you’re ready for — and overcoming them almost every time. It’s about the people you meet along the way. It’s about making a positive impact not just on your own life and the lives of those you love, but on the world around you. 

It really is THAT important. And that’s exactly why I do what I do.

Over 20 or so years of recruitment experience, I’ve seen firsthand what happens when extraordinary people are matched with extraordinary roles. I’ve seen how businesses begin to innovate like never before and how leadership-led organisational culture changes create workplaces that make people actually look forward to Monday mornings! I’ve seen productivity soar when companies commit to true diversity and inclusion recruitment processes. And I’ve seen how people thrive, grow, and accomplish things beyond their greatest ambitions when they finally find the right role.

And it never gets old. Which is why I founded JP Executive Search Ltd, to ensure I have the privilege of making even more of these extraordinary matches.

Your work: It’s more than just a job

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

DEI isn’t just a box to tick, or a knee-jerk reaction to a social trend — having a strong DEI policy integrated into your recruitment processes is the best way to ensure your organisation thrives, now and in the future.

A diverse range of people, perspectives, and beliefs leads to a far more productive and representative work culture; diversity drives efficiency, productivity, and innovation. Above all, it makes a real difference to the lives of the people your organisation serves, both externally and internally.

So we’re committed to working with organisations that are similarly interested in making DEI more than an exercise in box-ticking. And we ensure that all of the recruitment processes at JP Executive Search are administered without prejudice, using a fair and evidence-based methodology, so that we attract and represent a truly diverse pool of senior leadership talent.

With a BSc Hons in Psychology, Jacqui knows people, what makes them tick, and how to help them find what they’re looking for. She’s spent the last 20 years putting this knowledge to good use, helping countless people throughout the UK and overseas to find the right talent and roles, across a wide variety of sectors.

Founding Director, Jacqui Paterson
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